Thursday, August 13, 2009

Every little thing she does is magic!

Evie gets more fun every day! I am having such a wonderful time being her mom. Last night was her best night of sleep in over a month - only woke up once. YAY for Evie. We slept much better too with our egg crate on the matress. It made a HUGE difference.

Evie has been sleeping a lot today. I had to wake her up after 2.5 hours this morning and she took a nap for 1.5 hours this afternoon. Evie and I went to the pool this afternoon! She loves the pool and was making all kinds of noises. One of the ladies at the pool told me she loved Evie's joyful noises and that she was such a happy baby. Evie and I kicked all over the pool so I got a good workout too. Evie and I went to Pet Smart this afternoon. She thought it was so much fun looking at the fish, birds and hamsters. There were not any dogs there but lots of cats. Evie was kicking at the birds so much that I thought she was going to fly away too.

On Tuesday, I found out that our Little Gym was closing due to low enrollment. I was so disapointed because it was going well. The funny thing is that same day I just been saying that Evie and I were too busy and needed a break. Today, I contacted Gymboree - my favorite - and asked them if they would consider doing a class with just kids her age instead of mixing the age groups. I was so excited to hear that one is beginning September 1. We may do a Kindermusik class too since Evie loves music.

We went to Knox park when Carl got home. He ran and I pushed Evie. It was so peaceful there and the temperature was perfect. Evie took a little nap on the way home. Sleepy girl!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We have a coffee at 9:30 for mommies and babies then we have some errands to run in preparation for our trip to NC. Carl is heading to Pawleys Island for a wedding and I am going to my parents for the weekend. Carl will meet us back at our house on Sunday. We were all going to go to the wedding but it got too complicated and way too much driving for Evie.

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