Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Evie woke us up bright and early! Then she took a 2.5 hour nap - way to go Evie! We decided to go to Applebee's for lunch. Carl's secretary gave him a giftcard for Christmas so we could have a date. We had a date for 3! Evie tried avocado and seemed to like it. I will try again in a few days. She sat in the highchair and behaved very nicely! She loves to look around at people. We fed her some greenbeans and she enjoyed playing with the spoon.

Believe it or not, Carl wanted to go to Opry Land to look around. Imagine a really big Concord Mills the day after Thanksgiving! WOW, it was crowded. We needed to get Evie some new PJ's. She's too long for her pj's; all 29 inches of her barely fit the pajamas that she has now. She's in 12 month pajamas because of her length! They look so LONG but I am sure they'd fit her. We just still think of her as a little baby!

The best part of our shopping trip was the cupcakes at Gigi's - they were delicious! I had the Lemon Burst Surpreme! We even have a location near us! Guess where, Evie and I are going next week!

After our trip to the mall, we decided to drive around to look at houses. We found a few we like but need our house to sell or for someone to allow a lease-purchase. Dave Ramsey votes no on the lease-purchase and he is the Financial King of Nashville.

We decided last week to try to go to church tonight at 5:30. That time works with Evie's schedule and we figured she'd fit right in with the other screaming babies. Just kidding! So we all get dressed and drive in a monsoon to church. We get there and the sign on the door says no service tonight. AHHHHH! I guess it all worked out because Evie was so tired from not sleeping much this afternoon so we came home and she went to bed after eating her greenbeans and watermelon.

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