Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tradition is Important!

We enjoyed our Saturday! Evie took a SUPER long nap so we watched Senator Kennedy's funeral. It was a powerful service regardless of your political views. That is one BIG family!
We went to The Factory to walk around and to eat lunch. They were having a Living Green Expo there today so it was interesting to look at the exhibits. We ate lunch at Constant Craving. It was delicious. I had a tarrgon chicken salad sandwich and Carl had turkey with cheese. We had these homemade cheese wafers that were so yummy. Of course, we had dessert! I picked out some molasses cookies and they were amazing! Soft, sugary with a kick of spice. Maybe they sell those by the dozen because they would be a perfect Christmas gift. After lunch, we walked to the Farmer's Market. It was fairly large and there were a lot of vendors with a variety of goods. We bought some fresh okra and some cinnamon rolls from an Amish family. Can't wait to try them out in the morning. Oh wait, I already tried one and it was very good. However, Lindsay makes WAY better cinnamon rolls and she's not Amish.

We came home for Evie's nap and I napped too. Evie's not sleeping is starting to catch up with me. I hope she continues to do better. All babies eventually sleep through the night but I thought she'd be okay by now.

Carl took Evie on a walk while I straightened the place up and then we went to church. We decided to try the 5:30 service at the Church of the Good Shepherd. It was a wonderful service but very few people were there. We met everyone and were given a personal tour of the church. The priest told us that the most popular service is at 9 in the morning. We might try that next week. Evie did GREAT! She loved the space and the music. Evie was entertained by her spoon. She did spit up in the middle of church - carrots all over herself! I was trying to get Carl's attention and keep the carrots from flying. It was funny! Evie received a compliment as the best behaved 7 month old that the greeter had seen in church. It was probably a fluke but we were proud of her. She will be in the nursey at the 9:00 service. The sermon was about tradition and it was excellent. Especially since I did not consider the service traditional at all. The basic point was that traditions are important but we should not let our traditions get in the way of positive, productive change. He gave the example of how people who have been in churches for many years often think candles must be lit in a certain order or a special song must be sung on Easter. Those things are nice and tradition is good but we cannot let it define everything! He attended Seminary at Sewanee. A place that I want to visit while we live here. He was in a tiny church while in school and everyone was sitting on one side of the church. He said he was much meeker back then so he did not ask why. Finally, after several weeks, he decided to ask. One of the parishoners said, "Oh, that's because the old coal heater used to be on that side of the church and it got so hot we all sat on the left side. This made sense to Randy so he asked how long ago the coal heater was there. It had been gone for 38 years! Perfect story to make his point.

Evie just went to sleep and Carl went to get us a pizza. We are breaking tradition tonight and having pizza. Friday night has always been pizza night but it did not work out last night. Traditions are important!

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