Monday, August 3, 2009

Musical Monday

Evie and I had a great day! We met Monica and her cute son Seth for lunch and walking at the mall. It was so nice to meet a blogging friend. She is super sweet and so much fun. Her son has the most beautiful brown eyes. I told Monica that I need to enjoy that Evie cannot run and walk yet. My life will surely change once she can. I was so impressed with the mall - The Mall at Green Hills. It has every store you could ever imagine but it's not an everyday mall. Don't go there for basics - go for the fun stuff in life. We went to the coolest book store - Davis Kidd. They had so many books, lots of stationery and even a cafe. I had the most delicious Arnold Palmer with a twist. It was frozen. YUMMY! Evie loved the play area. They had blocks, a train table, and some other toys. There was a dad there with his little girl. They were building towers with blocks and Evie just giggled when they'd knock the tower down. It was so cute. Her giggle is the best sound! It makes all the sleepless nights, rushed dinners and quick trips all worth it. I think Evie needs a set of blocks! We can't wait to go back. David Kidd is supposed to have the best storytime in town.

She fell asleep before we left the parking lot. I guess all that playing exhausted her! We went for a walk this afternoon and both of us got so HOT! Poor little Evie turned bright red and was so sweaty. Carl was home when we got back from our walk so we filled her baby pool and let her cool off. She had a great time even though the water was frigid. I could barely keep my feet in it and Carl was pouring it on her head. She loved it and was playing with our bubble blower. She thought it was a flute. It was so cute. Carl caught it on video.
Evie seems to really be going through a tough time with sleeping. We were up a lot again last night. She went down about 6:15 tonight and has already been up with blood-curdling screams. Not sure what's going on - we are going to keep our eye on her because we are traveling this weekend. Maybe it's teething or a growth spurt. We need our sleep so I hope she bounces back soon.

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  1. ah that's really awful, the screaming and not sleeping and i really have no help except that it seems that putting tess down for a nap while she is still awake is helping her sleep better at night. i don't understand it but it's working. more naps = better night sleep.


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