Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evie goes to the fair

What a beautiful day it has been in Nashville! We took Evie to the fair today with our friends the Onello's. It was so much fun and the girls enjoyed being outside. We went to the Wilson County Fair. It is the best fair in the state of TN. Also, it is the 49th best fair in the United States. We did not know what to expect. It was not quite the scale of the North Carolina State Fair but it was WAY better than the South Carolina State Fair. We had corndogs, Italian sausages, funnel cakes, popcorn, and lemonade. YUMMY - fair food is always good. Carl and I missed the ham biscuits that we used to get in Raleigh. Ham biscuits don't seem to be very popular here in TN. We were pooped after the fair and needed some rest. Evie and I rested in the car so we caught our second wind.

So we decided to head to Tootsies on Broadway. That area is a happening place - lots of people, lots of music and lots of fun! Evie had a great time at Tootise's. Guess what she played with - a straw! Tootsie's is known for being a place where singers get their start. The bands were signing autographs for all the tourists just in case they hit the big time. We did not stick around long but it seemed like a great place to hang out. Everyone has told us about Tootise's even our pediatrician from Charlotte. Well, it's going to be another early night for us.

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