Monday, August 10, 2009

Giggle, Giggle all day long!

Evie is all grins and giggles today. She slept much better last night. Only woke up twice - I can handle that! We even feel rested. Evie slept late this morning and then napped late. I woke her up so we could head to the Pancake Pantry with Maura and Abby. Pancake Pantry is near Vanderbilt and it is delicious! There was a line at 11:00 on a Monday if that tells you anything. Breakfast is always yummy. Evie and Abby enjoyed being with each other. Evie kept grabbing Abby's foot. Then they both played with their toys. Abby looks just like Tim but has Maura's calm, sweet personality. I do a double-take every time that I see her because she reminds me so much of Tim. We walked around to some cool shops after breakfast. It was a fun outing.

Evie fell asleep on the way home and then we played before her nap. Diapers seem to be scarce around here. Publix did not have her size last night and today Target did not have the correct size. I bought her some size 3 diapers but they do not quite fit so after dinner I have to try again. Maybe Walgreen's!

I could not choose just one picture today so enjoy these! She looked so cute sleeping during her nap. We think she's getting really close to crawling but we are in no hurry. It will be twice as much work for us to keep up with her. Evie loves her Glow Worm and cuddles with it now that she can hold it. She brings us so much happiness and we feel so fortunate to be her parents!

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