Thursday, August 13, 2009

One year ago today . . .

We found that we were going to have a baby girl! I was so excited because I love all things pink. Carl and I were pretty sure it was a girl because there are lots of girls in his family and the Chinese Gender predictor said we were having a girl. CGP has been right in 23 out 26 cases with my friends. There might be something to it!

I spent the day making cookies for a new neighbor - I ate about half of them. Sugar is supposed to make the baby move so the ultrasound will show the gender. Our appointment was not until 4:00 so we had to wait all day. Carl knew it was a girl as soon as the technician started moving across my belly. We could see her hair on the screen but we were not expecting it to be blonde.

We called the grandparents when we left the doctors office. Then we started calling all of our friends. I was so excited because my nieces have fabulous clothes and I was expecting some really great hand me downs. Evie wears her clothes from Mary and Lucy a lot and she has tons more in her closet. Carl and I went to the Japanese steak house for dinner and then I had to go get something pink! We went to Target but I could not find anything that I really loved but settled on some pajamas.

It was so much fun to think of our baby as a little girl. I am a planner so it was great to be able to prepare for our little girl. We started getting lots of pink things because naturally pink will be her favorite color too! Little girls are so much fun! Carl and I both could not love her more.

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