Friday, August 21, 2009

Peaches and PJ's

Evie tried peaches today for the first time. She had peach baby food and peach baby yogurt. She did not love it but did not spit it out either. We will try again soon. Evie and I went to search for some footed PJ's in her size. It's hard to find pajamas that look like a little girl. I do not like the ones that say things on them or have sparkles or worse cartoon characters. One day, she will get to choose those but right now she's wearing sweet little girl pajamas.

Land of Nod came through for Lindsay! They will deliver her dresser by next Thursday and refunded her $100 shipping and handling fee. She lives in a remote area according to the delivery company. I would feel okay ordering from Land of Nod but maybe they could give her some incentive to purchase from there again. A gift certificate would be the perfect way to secure future business from the Horton household. Let's just hope the furniture arrives in good condition. If not then it will the 4th time, something has arrived damaged.

Evie has been on a great schedule most of this week eating every 4 hours and napping around 8:30 and again around 12:30. She went down around 12:30 today and woke up because the grass was being mowed by the lawn service for our neighborhood right outside her window! Let me tell you she was MAD! Evie was screaming and crying and not ready to wake up. So, we tried playing but she was still sad. So, we tried a walk and she slept for a few minutes but she was still sleepy. Then, we went for a car ride and she woke up happy! I have learned that if Evie does not wake up happy then she will not be happy again until she has had some more sleep. She's like me cranky when hungry and tired!

We went on a search for a sound machine this afternoon. Her Sleep Sheep is fabulous and has worked really well but we are in a small condo right now and all the sounds are keeping her from sleeping soundly. Another mommy suggested Bed, Bath and Beyond - they had a lot of choices but the one that plays continously was $60 - not ready to spend that. I need to look around a little. Walmart and Target might be good places to look!

We are looking forward to a weekend at home. Too much travel is hard on babies and parents. It was so nice not to pack for a weekend trip or worse - unpack from a weekend trip. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend so we plan to get out and explore our new city.

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