Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Pumpkin and Okra Soup

We had a LAZY day and it was wonderful! We just played with Evie and enjoyed being together. Doesn't our little pumpkin look cute in her suit? I bought it last year at a consignment sale. It fits her perfectly now so by Halloween it will be way too small. Evie is going to give it to her new friend.

We drove around Franklin for a little bit and then went to Whole Foods. Earth's Best babyfood is .13 cheaper there than at Publix. It used to be.26 but they had a price increase this week. We got a few snacks too including some hummus, cheese and spinach dip. I love Whole Foods and it's so nice for it to be close by. There is some political uproar with Whole Foods right now due to the new health care program being discussed in Washington. I do not know enough to boycott the store and I sure would miss the pimento cheese and shortbread cookies.

I have been making okra soup this afternoon. It's a delicious summer soup. Carl's cousin, Courtney, gave me the recipe. She was so sweet to copy her favorite recipes and put them in a little cookbook for me for Christmas four years ago. What a great present! Here's the recipe for your family.

Okra Soup:

Boil some water with a ham bone. Add a little salt if desired. Cook for 30 minutes. Add 28 oz. of tomatoes and a package of butter beans. Simmer for 30 minutes. Saute' about a pound of okra with some onion. Add to pot along with some shoepeg corn. Simmer for another 30 minutes and serve over rice. You can freeze the leftovers. This is a delicious and healthy meal!

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