Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puckett's and the Park

We are still trying to catch up on our sleep so we enjoyed a mostly lazy day at home. It was another beautiful day with a high of 72. I even thought about getting out a pullover but they are in the wrong closet. Zipcode 28078 instead of 30727.

After Evie's nap, we went to Puckett's Grocery for lunch. It has quite the reputation around here. Puckett's is in downtown Franklin. They have a lot of variety on their menu and some specials. We had the $9.99 special. I had prime rib with mushroom gravy, squash casserole and green beans. Carl had fried chicken, creamed corn and green beans. It was all delicious! Super cute atmosphere and very family friendly. Evie had fun looking around but her high chair was lower than our table. She was not so sure about that so she requested to be held during lunch.

We came home for Evie's nap and we took a nap too. After naptime, we went for a walk at Knox park. It was nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!

Evie decided she would try a bottle this afternoon. It took four different sippy cups in one feeding but she drank 5 oz. using a sippy cup! Maybe she is turning over a new leaf! The funny part is that I have spent so much time wishing she'd take a bottle and now that she did it seems like a lot of work. We took the bottle with us and had to keep it cold then she likes it slightly warm since she's used to nursing. Then, you have to wash the bottle or in our case 4 of them! Not to mention the time spent pumping the milk! I would love for her to take a bottle occasionally but I am going to have to practice with her a lot. Lindsay went to a breastfeeding class and they told her that only 2-4% of all babies do not take bottles! Guess, I am one of the lucky ones -maybe Evie will be in the 2-4% of something really great. Like the 2-4% of children who always make their bed and pick up their dirty clothes without being told. HA!

Carl decided to put Evie in the Baby Bjorn so they practiced crawling together while she was in it! So cute as you can see from the picture. Evie had 4 jars of baby food today so maybe she will sleep tonight. I also just got her a CD player that goes on repeat with an ocean CD. All the sleep books, say that if you keep the same cues that you use to get them to sleep throughout the night then they should work to get the baby back to sleep. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  1. Evie needs to be a baby model - she is just too cute! Can't you just see her in a Lilly Pulitzer ad? I can.... :)

    --DC Prep


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