Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Day!

Evie woke up bright and early ready for another day! Even when I am exhausted, seeing her little smile in the morning makes all the hours up at night worth it! Evie took a super short nap this morning. I think she knew Daddy was working from home.

Evie and I went to our old playgroup this morning! It was so much fun to see the moms and babies. The babies have grown so much. Rhett is crawling! It was good to see the moms and talk about mom stuff! Every new mom needs a group of friends to talk about baby stuff and to get advice! I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends who keep me going on the tough days and laugh with me on the fabulous days.

Lauren made a chocolate birthday cake - yummy! Aubrey made some really great brownies. Here's the scoop: Make a pan of brownies, use a biscuit cutter to cut circles, spread Nutella on top and sprinkle with nuts! Delicious! They looked fancy too. Evie even stayed awake until we got home. I put her down for her nap and she kept sleeping and sleeping That always happens when you need them to wake up. I had a hair appointment but did not want to wake her. She woke up half a minute after I left according to her Daddy. They had a great time! I had a great time without her for a little bit.

Then we went on a walk and then to the Hart's for a drink. It was so good to see them. We miss seeing them. Paisley has grown a lot! She was eating Cheerios - what a big girl!
I have not stopped all day! It's been so busy because we are trying to squeeze so much into a short trip. I am about to go to bed just in case Miss Evie decides to wake up multiple times tonight! Heading back to Nashville tomorrow afternoon.

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