Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

Carl went to Pawleys Island for the wedding and had a great time. Evie and I went to my parents and had a wonderful time. Evie loves her Ipop, Nana and Uncle Ben. She also loves her dogs - Murphy and Gracie. It's so cute to watch them together. Evie did not love sleeping this weekend. She has been up a lot! I am going to try a few more things and then she might have to CIO some. I am exhausted from being up with her and Carl sleeps right through it :-) - wish that I could.

My mom and I took Evie to Belmont on Saturday to look around at the little shops. We had a lunch at Old Stone. It was delicious! I had a salad with salmon and poached pears with blue cheese. My mom had a crab cake sandwich. Evie had a straw and was perfectly content. She loves to be outside. We went into a really cute children's shop. I saw some overalls at Initial Impressions but did not get them. They were 35% off maybe I will need to get them but I will wait to see if they go down even more. They had pink and green - not sure which ones to get!

On Sunday, we took Evie to see her great-grandmother and great aunt. Evie had fun with a spoon. I love how such simple things entertain my little girl. My parents brought me back to Huntersville and Carl came back here. I tried to nap but could not get settled down - neither could Evie.

We went to see Mike and Alicia last night to celebrate their exciting news. Evie loves Alicia! Her parents are visiting from Florida so it was a nice visit. I am so sad they are moving but at least we are moving too. We plan to have a roadtrip to visit them soon!
It was a great weekend. I am off to try to nap while Evie naps!

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