Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to Nashville

We had a great night in our house. All three of us slept so well! It was short trip and we did not see anyone but we will be back next week. We left around 9:45 central time and got here about 5. We stopped three times for gas, lunch and to feed Evie. We are so proud of Evie - she did a great job! No tears or screaming. She mostly slept and played with her doll.
Carl took Evie to the pool to wear her out so she will sleep well tonight and I went to the grocery store. Don't go to the grocery store on Sunday nights unless you have to! Here's a cute picture of Susan and Evie from the baby shower. I hope to post some pictures soon. Our condo looks like a disaster zone right now. It's time for the worst part of coming home - the laundry and unpacking.

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