Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spectacular Sight Sunday!

We were up a lot with Evie last night. She went to sleep at 6 and was up at 11, 2, 5, and 6:45. Let's hope that does not happen again tonight. We fed her a lot all day! She had apples, oatmeal,sweet potato, banana and watermelon.

Carl and I went to a really good place for lunch. It's called the City Cafe: Southern Meat and Three. Carl had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. I had okra, green beans and squash casserole with a roll. We shared some chocolate pie for dessert. Evie was fabulous at lunch. She played with her toy and sat in her highchair like such a big girl. There was a whole table of children beside us and she was checking them out. Our bill was $20 with tip - totally worth it. We will go back again soon.

After lunch, we went to Percy Warner park for a hike. It was a beautiful park and seems to be a popular Sunday spot. Percy Warner is a HUGE park. Nearby is Edwin Warner park; Percy and Edwin parks are the "central" park of Nashville. You should see the sights from this park. There is a GIGANTIC set of steps to get up or you can take the stroller friendly route. We gave the steps a shot but the stroller friendly route turned out to be a lot easier.

Then we went to Target to get Evie a baby pool and Carl a coffee mug. He is trying to be more green and needed a new mug for work. Carl is blowing it up right now so we are excited to have purchased Evie an above-ground pool for her swimming pleasure. It was a deal too- that's what happens when you wait to August to buy your baby a pool. Now, we just need a handle on our water spigot. I think there is one in the front yard but if I put Evie out there she will have an audience. Not sure anyone works in this neighborhood. They are all retired. Our neighbor, blows his driveway every day and then sweeps it. They all sit in their garages with the door open reading the paper. They are so cute!

Evie and I are meeting one of our blogger friends for lunch downtown. We are really looking forward to it. Let me go get my sweet husband a water. Blowing up a baby pool is a real workout!

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