Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carrots are so yummy!

Evie did great last night! She took a two hour nap this morning and then we went to Little Gym. Evie did a forward roll and practiced standing holding on to a bar. She LOVES the bells and cries when the teacher takes them away from her. We met a little girl named Claire and her aunt's name is Evelyn. Evie's aunt was named Evelyn too thats where her name came from. We had so much fun at Little Gym.

Evie tried two new foods today: carrots and grapes. YUMMY! She really liked the carrots and ate the whole jar. Maybe an extra full tummy will help her sleep. At Lindsay's shower, one of the girls told me to put frozen grapes in Evie's mesh feeder to help her mouth feel better. Evie thought the grapes were really cold but she wanted more after she mushed up the first set. Evie was wiped out and fell right asleep tonight.

I LOVE the picture! My SIL, Lollie, had this Christmas ornament made from Evie's birth announcement . Carl and I both thought this was such a special gift and we can't wait to have ornaments made from our Christmas cards in the years to come. Think how wonderful it would be to have all the cards from your family made into ornaments. You could see your family grow and change over the years. Carl wants me to figure out a way to make these. Such a creative and special gift! Thanks Lollie for thinking of me.

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