Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy, Busy!

We have been so busy! On Thursday, we left Nashville around 12:30 to go to see Mary and Lucy at Sheshe and Poppy's house. Evie has been so excited to see them that she has not been able to sleep all week. We were so proud of Evie because she was wonderful the whole car ride. Maybe she likes her new seat! We were all so happy to get there. Everyone was so happy to see Evie especially Mary.

Evie decided it would be more fun to scream than to sleep that night. She was up 7 times. We were so tired but she was still ready to go. Evie was up and ready to go get her picture with made with her cousins on Friday morning. All of the girls did great! I cannot wait to see the pictures. It looked like he got some fantastic shots.

Mary was a BIG helper and kept Evie awake in the back of the car while we drove back to the house. Evie went right down for her morning nap. We went down to the lake to see Mary and Lucy swim. WOW, what super swimmers they are this year! Evie had her nap and then the girls played together. We went to the pool and Evie had a ball! She loves the water and squealed with delight! Kurt and Carl had races to see who could swim the fastest. Each won one race so it worked out great! Carl lost his bathing suit in one of the races - funny but nobody noticed! Evie took a bath in Sheshee's sink but did not love it as much as Lucy used to. We will try again another time.

Evie did much better sleeping last night. We only got up 3 times! Maybe tonight will be even better since she is in her crib at her own house. Thanks Sheshee and Poppy for a fun weekend.

We left Carl's parents house bright and early to go celebrate Lindsay's baby boy. Susan, Brooke and I had a shower for Lindsay at The Piedmont Club in Spartanburg. It was so much fun! I always love to see my friends and feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Lindsay got all kinds of great stuff. Baby Horton will surely know his name with all the monogrammed stuff that he got. Less than two months to go until Baby James arrives. Evie is so excited to meet her future husband :-) - wouldn't that be funny! Evie even made an appearance at the shower. She loved the attention and got a chance to see her Lindsay. Susan had not seen Evie since she born and this was Brooke's first time meeting Evie.

My parents, Nana and Ipop. came to the shower. My mom was able to enjoy the shower and my Dad helped Carl will Evie. They had a great time! Dads are always more fun than Moms! Evie came back with earings and a tattoo. She even got into Carl's chocolate doughnut. Don't worry they were not real!

We stopped to get Carl some lunch and then went to Gastonia. Evie had fun playing with her Uncle Ben and her furry friends, Murphy and Gracie. Evie was getting really tired so we left to come to Huntersville. It's nice to be home but does not feel the same. We needed to get some stuff for our condo. Evie was excited to be in her house! She looked all around when she came in the house. She seems to recognize her stuff. We walked to Arnie's for dinner. Evie was perfect. She played in her stroller the whole dinner and then fell asleep on the walk home. I just put her to bed so keep your fingers crossed for us! I need to get some pictures from the shower but this is a picture of Evie with her two favorite cousins.

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