Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tumbling Tuesday

Evie started off screaming a lot! I was up a lot with her last night. Not sure she felt great. She was so upset this morning that I almost did not take her to The Little Gym. I think it was a terrific distraction for whatever was bothering her. She tumbled on the big cheese and did a forward roll. She really likes all the baby workouts. I love how it makes her so tired. Naptime was not an issue at all. She slept for two hours so I am hoping that tonight will be a lot better!

After her nap, we went to run a few errands. She was back to her sweet little self - smiling and laughing with everyone who interacted with her. The drycleaner was happy to see Evie.

Carl and I had fun playing with Evie this afternoon. She likes her little pool a lot but tries to get out to grab the grass. It's so cute to see her play. She went right to sleep so keep your fingers crossed.

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