Thursday, August 27, 2009

Library Day!

Evie and I went to the library this morning to see if they had any sleep books that I have not read. Guess what, they did not have a single one. Maybe all the babies in Brentwood sleep through the night! Evie loves the library so we looked around for awhile and read some books. Then we took a walk at the park in front of the library. We are enjoying this cooler weather although it probably will not last. Carl and I love this tree. Isn't it beautiful? They have wires all over the top of the tree and it looks like it has sustained some damage over the years. Evie had fun playing under the tree and picking the grass. I guess it's the teacher in me but I always think of the book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein when we visit the park.

We went to the grocery store. A lady stopped us in there to talk to us about Evie's blonde hair. She had dark hair like mine and her daughter is 11 years old with blonde hair. Finally, I had to act really interested in which Ziploc bags to get because she would NOT stop talking. Sweet but we needed to get home for Operation Bottle.

Operation Bottle is not going very well. I have been working on my Dixie cup method with her. This is my adaptation of the cup feeding that many lactation consultants suggest for young babies. It's hysterical because it involves so many supplies. I line up 5 cups and fill each one with about an ounce of milk. Then, I put a bib on Evie and make sure that I am not wearing anything too nice. We sit on the kitchen floor and I try to get her to drink. It's very messy! The logic behind the 5 cups is that if Evie would get into a feeding pattern then I would break it by refilling the cup. I am sure you know that Evie is not in a feeding pattern of any type. Did I mention this was messy? I just learned this week that Carl did not take a bottle as a child either. So the 2-4% of babies that do not take bottles is either getting bigger or like my mom says maybe I just know them all.

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  1. i have never heard of this method but i'm fascinated. tess will not take a bottle of milk. she'll take juice sometimes but absolutely throws a fit if there's milk in it. even breast milk. i'm trying sippy cups but not having much success there either. she's my only baby who has ever bucked at a bottle.

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