Monday, August 24, 2009

Storytime and Naptime

Evie and I went to Barnes and Noble for storytime. It was right around the corner so we decided to go try it out. Evie was the youngest participant but she was the best behaved. She sat on the bench next to me for a little bit and then she sat on my lap. I was very proud of her! She did not throw a Curious George at the teacher, take a picture from another kid or scream out. I am sure she will do those things one day but today she was excellent. Evie loves to be out and about as long as she is rested.

We came home and played a little then Evie took a nap. She woke up after an hour crying so I knew she was not finished. She uses naptime as a good oportunity to do her business and then she wants to be changed. I rocked her and sang to her until she fell asleep. She slept for an hour so she was tired. Usually, I do not rock her to sleep but today she needed some extra cuddles. That's okay with me because soon it will be harder to get her to sit still long enough to cuddle. She is at such a sweet age right now. Although, I have enjoyed every age with Evie.

After her nap, we worked on using a sippy cup again. She thinks it's fun to play with the cup but I am not sure she is drinking anything. She did drink some out of a cup without a lid. My new idea is to get some little Dixie cups for her. It would be a good size for her little hands. I tried a bottle at her morning feeding but she was not interested. She has made some progress though because she used to scream when the bottle went into her mouth. Now, she just holds it and looks at me. Kinda like she is saying to me, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Evie was excited to see her Daddy come home. We all ate dinner as a family. Evie had watermelon and we had spaghetti. Carl gave Evie a bath. She was so dirty because she gets more milk on her than in her. Then they read some stories and I put her to bed. It's time for some Monday Night Football. One of the advantages to living in Central Time!

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  1. Two of my favorites to do with my kids! :) Cute pictures!


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