Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wise Wednesday

Evie only woke up twice last night. Two times is better than six, right? Maybe tonight will be even better. At 3:00, Evie woke us up with a blood curdling scream. We were sure something was wrong. I took her to the doctor this morning just to make sure she was okay. Evie got a clean bill of health. I did learn something to make our co-pay worthwhile: give Motrin for pain and Tylenol for fever. He said her teeth are coming and that some babies are more sensitive to the pain. No surprise there. Guess what - she's still growing! She weighs 16 pounds and 13 oz. and she is 29.5 inches long. My mom, Evie's Nana, pointed out that she is about 1/2 of my height. WOW, she is one tall baby! We had a rather eventful trip to Babies R Us to get her new car seat since she does not fit in her old one anymore. Graco car seats only go to 22 pounds and 28 inches - depends on your actual seat but those are the requirements for the seat we have. Chicco has a new carseat that will allow your baby to stay in it until 31 inches. It also fits the Snap and Go stroller which you cannot live with out during those early months. My SIL told me to get it and we LOVED it. Carl still misses the cup holders on that stroller.

Evie was worn out from our trip! It took way longer than expected - it usually does with a baby. Evie did great. She slept on the way home and was so excited to see her daddy when she woke up from her nap. We grilled some ribs for dinner. YUMMY. Carl is working on the new carseat and I am trying to think of all the things we need for our jam-packed weekend.

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  1. What a sweet picture! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! :)

    --DC Prep


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