Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Going to Get You!

Evie has had a ball today playing with the mirror. I moved it to get access to the outlet for the video monitor and just left it on the floor for her. She LOVES looking at the pretty baby in the mirror.

Evie and I went to a magazine swap today but we were the only ones who brought magazines. It was fun to meet some new moms and babies. They had coupons which I need to be better about cutting. I am trying a Dave Ramsey suggestion of using cash for groceries. We spend a lot more on the groceries than I thought we did.

Evie is really crawling now. She takes three or four crawls and then army crawls to her next point of interest. It's so fun to watch her but she requires constant attention! She has a tendency to get stuck under pieces of furniture.

See this cute face - I love when she wakes up this happy. After Evie's nap, we went to Target to get some supplies for our trip to Kiawah. Babyfood is a lot cheaper there than at the store on the island. I continue to be amazed at how much these little people cost. Just the basics get pricey and then you add in cute clothes and toys.

Evie had her first little tantrum at Target. She was very upset with me because she wanted to eat my list. My list was orange and it was turning her face orange. She did not like that at all. I tried distracting her, tried her paci and finally gave her a container of puffs. That made her happy and we had an enjoyable trip to the store.

Evie was so excited to play with the mirror when her Daddy got home. Carl loves the new monitor. It is really fun to see her sleeping and how much she moves before she settles into her favorite position. Evie passes out now that she is moving around so much. Crawling must be one heck of a workout.

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  1. Of course she likes the mirror - all pretty girls like looking at themselves! :)

    --DC Prep


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