Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moving Day is Almost Here

Our packers came today and they were here ALL day. They arrived at 9 and left after 6. It was exhausting just watching them and tomorrow the movers come to load it all. Our stuff will be in storage until we close on our next house - two weeks from today! Evie enjoyed watching the packers from the safety of our arms. She did not crawl a single bit today because she was held all day!

Evie has not felt well today. Her nose is so runny and she is coughing a little. Of course, I call the doctor and the nurse told me not to bring her in or she would get even sicker. She said there is a "bunch of germs here" and gave me some advice. Her suggestions were lots of fluids, Benadryl before sleep and a humidifer. We were doing most of this already so she said to bring her in later this week if it continues. It will have to be to the cranky doctor in Nashville though because we leave tomorrow after our stuff is loaded on the big truck.

It feels weird being in our house with all of our stuff packed up. It does not feel like our home anymore and hasn't in a long time. We loved living here and have lots of wonderful memories. Our favorite memory is the day we brought Evie home from the hospital one cold January day and our life has not been the same since. We knew we would not live here forever but we had no idea it would be such a short time. Today, I was driving around Huntersville while Evie napped in the truck and I drove past my first school. That seems like another life ago that I taught there. It's so funny because I used to worry about Evie having to go to CMS schools. HA - that's probably not going to happen. We will miss some things about Huntersville but are looking forward to the next chapter in our life.

My parents and brother came tonight to see us. Nana and Ipop brought Evie a doll and she immediately planted a BIG kiss on her new doll. So sweet! It was sad to say goodbye to my parents but I know that I will see them again in a few weeks. We have just become accustomed to seeing them quite often and have enjoyed it so much. Carl was telling me today about how it must have been hard for his parents to move from Charleston after 9 years of living there. I would imagine his Gamma was really sad to see her sweet grandsons go from living one mile away to living in Knoxville. Gamma and Gampa must have been really excited when they moved to Atlanta only one year later and even more excited when they moved to Pawleys. This moving thing seems to run in the family! It really has not been that bad except for the distance and that it has been a really long process. We found out in April that Carl was offered his new position and we are just now really getting there. Nashville here we come!


  1. Ugh - I don't envy you - I hate moving! Cute pics of Evie!

    --DC Prep

  2. Wow, good luck with your move! Exhausting under any circumstances, but especially with a little one!


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