Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy Bee that likes to eat Peas!

I say this a lot but Evie is into EVERYTHING! A friend said, "I don't know why we thought it was so hard when our babies just sat there." It was hard then too but goodness she keeps me on my toes. My wise friend Krystal said, "it does not get easier or harder as the baby changes it's just different." She is correct!

Evie took a really long nap this morning which worked out great because I had a lot of things to get done but her afternoon nap was so short. She thinks it is more fun to crawl around the crib and practice standing.

Yesterday, I ran to the bathroom and left her playing in her room. Two minutes later, she had crawled across the hall to the bathroom and had a can of comet in her hand. OOPS! It's time to move the cleaning supplies. Evie is really enjoying her new finger foods. She is eating Cheerio's, cut up banana, frozen peas and mini penne pasta. She HATES babyfood peas so I was not expecting her to love her frozen peas. Maybe she likes that they are green and cold. She will munch on them while I eat my lunch. They probably feel good on her gums too. I can feel a sharp edge on her top gum but still no teeth.

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