Monday, October 26, 2009

Mama Monday!

Evie has been very attached to me all day. She does not want to be put down and is not happy unless I am holding her. She has had a runny nose so I am hoping she is teething. Let's hope she got her mama fix today because it's going to be crazy around here the next few days.

We had the gas company come out and guess what there is not a problem with CO but we already knew that. He did find a trace amount right above the fireplace but that is considered normal for gas logs.

Carl and I went to sign the papers for our house today. It's so much easier to sell a house than to buy a house. At least when it comes to closing! Not sure Evie will be able to make it through closing unless we take some Ritz. Here's a picture of Evie with her Great-Grandmother.

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