Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sun: Do you ever shine?

I am so tired of the rain. Apparently, all of this rain is quite unusual for Nashville. Even the locals are becoming Vitamin D deficient.

Evie and I went to a music class at Gymboree today. We were the ONLY ones there. I am so worried that Gymboree will close too. There were a lot of kids there for the play class but Evie is too young for that class. She loved the music class and did not even notice that she was the only one. Evie loved the musical instruments. She tasted every one and especially enjoyed the mallet for the xylophone. Paisley had some really cool shakers last week and today Evie LOVED playing with them. I might need to get her some when they are the item of the week.

We went to look at two rentals today. One was in a fabulous location but needs MAJOR updating. It is listed through a property management company and the owners are willing to do a lot to get the right tenant. We liked the second house a lot more and it was about 5 minutes from the Puffy Muffin and Harris Teeter. It was a beautiful house with all the things we are used to granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, lots of space and a great neighborhood for walking. However, we have gotten a lot of feedback from our friends and family regarding buying versus renting. It's hard to decide what to do since we seem to move every 2 years or so. Interest rates are super low and there are some deals out there. As you can probably tell, we really are not sure what we are going to do yet. Tomorrow, we are meeting with our realtor to get his take on it. I am sure he will encourage buying a house. We made a list of some things that we would like in a house so we will take with us to our meeting.

Baby James is home now. Lindsay sounds like a real mom now. It's so fun to talk to her about mom things. We are so excited for them and cannot wait to meet their sweet boy.

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