Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to Nashville and Welcome Baby James!

We left Gastonia yesterday morning to drive to Raleigh. Evie did great until Burlington and then she decided that she was done with traveling. She finally fell asleep and looked totally out slumped over in her little seat. We went to Brassfield to visit my old teacher friends! It was so good to see them especially Debbie. I miss her a lot. She was so fun to teach with and kept it all in perspective. I felt like that was a different life in some ways and in others like I just left yesterday. I even had a chance to see some of my old students. They have all grown so much. I tend to think time stops when we move and everything stays the same.

We headed to North Hills to do a little shopping. I miss that place. Evie and Nana played in the toystore while I figured out a few things. Evie was getting tired so we headed to the hotel for a little nap. Then we went to Dos Taquito's for dinner! YUMMY. It had changed some but was still so good. My mom and I split an amazing dessert. It was a fried mango bundle with ice-cream. Evie enjoyed a little ice-cream. She was amazing once we got to Raleigh. No crying or screaming! I am so proud of her. She is such a good little traveler. We went to look at our old house on Valley Lake and I was so sad to see the yard had become a dense, thick forest. We never loved how the yard looked while we were there but it looked amazing compared to now. Carl and I loved that house so much. We put a lot of effort into making it a special home for us. Carl still misses his BIG yard on a hill and his wood-burning fireplace.

We stayed at the hotel this morning so Evie could nap and then we headed to Cameron Village to walk around. We met Candice for lunch. Candice and I met at the College of Charleston our freshman year. She lives on Long Island now so I decided to go see her while she was in Raleigh for a wedding. It was so good to see her! She looks fabulous and we cannot wait to meet Baby Curtis in February. We walked around a little more after lunch. It was so fun to see Candice with Evie. Last time, Candice saw Evie was in March so she has changed a lot. I am hoping to get Candice and Carl out to Nashville before they cannot travel for awhile. Carl wants to take Carl to the Honky Tonk's.

The best news of the day is that Lindsay had her baby! Baby James was born this afternoon and weighs 6.14. I have not seen any pictures yet but I am sure he is beautiful! Lindsay will be a wonderful mom. What a special time for the Horton family? I talked to Lindsay's sweet mom, Jane, and she sounded so excited about becoming a grandmother. I am really looking forward to going to see the Horton's.

Evie and I flew back to Nashville. She was absolutely perfect the whole time. Of course, you have to get to the airport super early so we played blocks and walked up and down the terminal. The womens lacrosse team from Vanderbilt was on the plane and I sat with two of the players. They were so sweet to Evie. There was a 10 month old baby, Addison, on the plane that was crying the whole time and was very upset. One of the girls told me she wanted a baby like Evie. I told her that Evie has had plenty of days just like that poor crying baby. I was so proud of Evie. She ate and then fell asleep for the entire flight. It sure beats a 7 hour car trip. We were so excited to see Carl. Evie smiled and leapt into her Daddy's arms. Carl is so impressed with all the new things Evie has learned since Tuesday. She is really pulling up and loves to take things out of the diaper bag. It keeps her entertained!

We just finished dinner and now I am ready for bed. Traveling will wear a Momma out.

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