Monday, October 12, 2009

Frisky Berry Fun!

Evie did a little better with her sleeping last night. Maybe tonight will be even better! She did sleep until 8:30 again so it was not so bad.

We met some moms and babies at the Frisky Berry at The Factory in Franklin. I had a caramel latte. It was delicious. There were so many of us there that we had to go out into the lobby so we did not take over the place. It was great to be with other moms. I think that it is so important for moms to find other moms similar to them to share parenting tips and bounce ideas off of each other. Some of us are meeting again tomorrow at Amanda's house.

Evie was so tired but she came home to eat lunch and play. She took a short nap but slept a little in the car this afternoon. We went to the grocery store and since Evie was asleep I ran in to get our groceries. It's so much easier to get groceries when it's just me. HA! As I was shopping, I heard a really loud scream. Then I saw a little boy, about 4, running through the store screaming his head off. His mom was pregnant and running after him. I felt like asking if she needed any help but I am not sure that I could have done anything to help since he did not seem to be responding to anyone. Other customers were gawking and their carts were stopped to avoid running over the kid. It was so loud that I could hear him while checking out. Even the cashier commented on it so I told her that the mom was pregnant. They decided to send someone to help her. She was probably so embarrassed but glad that someone finally helped her. I dread tantrums. Carl never had tantrums so maybe Evie will take after him. I decided to give Evie a break from the camera today but here are some pictures from our trip to Gentry Farms. Don't worry, I will get some more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. I love your pumpkin patch pics. That's funny to say out loud. ; )

    I hope to take Z to one this weekend.

    It is wonderful to be around other moms, isn't it!?


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