Friday, October 9, 2009

Stormy Sky

Evie and I went to the mall this morning. It's Gymbuck time and we had two coupons to use. It was crazy in the store with lots of strollers and crying kids. That's not for me no matter the deal. Evie decided she did not need any fall clothes right away so we ordered them online. She picked out lots of pretty pieces. I could be a Gymboree spokesperson because I LOVE the clothes. They hold up so well, coordinate together to create multiple outfits and are so adorable. Another selling point is that they are age-appropriate. I am enjoying that Evie likes what I like for the moment which is lots of pink with polka dots and stripes.

Evie has been taking long morning naps this week and short afternoon naps. She slept for 2.5 hours this morning but did not want to nap at all this afternoon. We had another appointment with the realtor to check out a few houses so she took a snooze in the car. We saw four houses and liked three of them. They are all very different from each other. We have learned a few things through all of our moves.
1. We do not like to paint at all!

2. We like nice kitchens.

3. Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean.

4. Garages are important since we have so much stuff.

5. We do not like to be super-close to our neighbors.

Evie decided to make a run for the fireplace tonight. I had to move the fire tools from her line of sight. They are sitting on the mantle and make a lovely decoration - very fallish. She decided to try her swing again this morning but she spent the time hitting the side of the swing and trying to do a forward flip out. It was a good thing she was buckled in tight.

We had a horrible storm this afternoon! There was even a tornado watch - very scary! All of my Facebook friends were writing about the storm which made me more nervous. Carl came home and then I felt a lot better. Storms are part of living in Middle Tennessee but they are my least favorite part.

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  1. I love reading the ins and outs of your days... They're so like mine! :)


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