Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rocky Top is home to us

We finally made it back to Nashville. It's been an exhausting process. Our movers showed up late and then they moved at an incredibly slow pace. My dad showed up to help and if he had not come we might still be there. One of the guys asked me to go get him some food. I was so taken back but Carl went to get them some McDonalds. You should have seen the orders they placed. Take my word for it - they were not simple orders! One guy even commented that there was no bacon on his burger.

Evie did great during all this. She wanted to be held a lot but she was happy. I was so surprised that she even took a nap. One of the movers went in to get her glider and she opened her eyes. We did not hear from her for awhile.

My dad and I left with Evie and Carl stayed to finish things up. Yesterday, was such a crazy day that I was not even emotional when I left my house for the last time. I was just ready for it all to be over. Carl got back to my parents around 5:30 so way too late to drive to Nashville. We stayed with my parents last night. My mom was so sweet to make us some chicken noodle soup because we needed something healthy.

Evie lost Raffi on our walk so my dad and I went to look for it. We found one of her socks along the way and her Raffi was sitting in front of David and Terry's house. Thank goodness that we found Raffi!

Carl and I felt much better after getting some sleep. We left Gastonia around 8:30 and got to Nashville at 5. Evie likes to get out for a little bit so we stopped for about an hour at Cracker Barrel and then one other time. The rockslide on I-40 makes it a much longer trip! We will be glad when that is repaired. It was a beautiful drive up I-26 and I-81 with the changing leaves and scenic mountain views. We were so happy to get back. Evie did not sleep from around 11 until 8. She was perfect on the trip but by the time we got home she was cranky. It took 1.5 hours to get her to sleep and she just woke up while I writing this. She is so tired that she is having a hard time sleeping.

We are going to try to stick around Nashville for the next few weeks. Traveling is a lot of work!


  1. Traveling is A LOT of work! Good that you are done with it now!

  2. Ugh - moving is the worst! Aren't you glad it's over? :)

    You will not believe this but that silver frame with the pink mat that I bought Lindsay was actually from Michael's!

    --DC Prep


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