Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have a little helper!

Evie did great sleeping last night. She slept from 7-10 and 10-6:15 and then again until 9:30. Carl and I were up all night though. Maybe we will all sleep tonight.

I took Evie to Gymboree to try another class. It had kids in it so that is a plus but it still was not great. Evie is fascinated by the other kids especially the walkers. She is not fascinated by the vacuum. Carl was holding her while I cleaned and she was not happy. I decided to let her touch the vaccum and get to know it. HA! She liked flipping the red switch but it was not plugged in. Maybe she will get used to it if I use it more often.

She loves to be in the kitchen with me and has learned to help me with the dishwasher. Well, she tries to help. It was another rainy day in Nashville. I am ready to see the Carolina blue sky this weekend. I made a chicken pot pie for dinner and we have our pull-overs on. We are looking forward to a cozy, relaxing evening at home. Tomorrow we are meeting friends at the Frisky Berry before our trip to North Carolina.

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