Friday, February 5, 2010

Another soggy day!

Evie was up bright and early but played quietly in her crib until 7:30. Thank you, Evie for letting me sleep a little - maybe you could try that again tomorrow.

I am sure it will come as no surprise but our floors are still not complete. They have two more closets, the entrance from the garage, and some space in front of the bay window. Monday is their estimated day of completion but I am not so sure since they have a light to install and shoe to replace. At least, they put the door back on the bathroom. It was tiring to be told constantly, "give me a minute before you come down." Doors are an important part of any bathroom and we are so glad to have ours securely in place. Progress is being made!

Evie has been walking all over the place today. It's just so cute to see her. We shared a snack of goldfish today and she kept patting my leg as she handed me my portion. Could she be any sweeter?

Our shutters are painted a crimson color and I had plans to paint them black in the spring. It's too cold here now and the painter said we'd have to wait until at least April. Maybe even May before he feels comfortable that it will not freeze at night. I was talking about this with a neighbor and she told me that three houses on our street have removed their shutters. That's something that I had not thought of but it's certainly cheaper and their houses look very nice. Our house is brick and traditional. Maybe shutters are not necessary. Any opinions?

Evie and I had a little photo shoot this afternoon.I got some great shots but want to play around with them a little. She is such a happy girl! which makes photo shoots really fun. Yesterday, she cried for a minute at Kindermusik and the teacher was so concerned because Evie does not cry when musical instruments are involved. Boy, has she changed since her early days.

Carl got home late but brought Mellow Mushroom with him. Delicious! I still miss Brooklyn South pizza but the Mellow is a contender in my list of fabulous pizza. We are about to settle down to a nice movie. Let's hope the snow that is being forecasted goes somewhere else. We have had plenty of the white stuff around here.

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  1. Bless your heart! I hope the house is finished soon! I love Mellow Mushroom! Wish we had it in Waco!


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