Sunday, February 28, 2010

Traveling Toddler!

We left Gastonia today to head back home. It's always sad to leave but we had a nice long visit and had so much fun. Evie and I packed a lot into our week and got to see a lot of people. We even had a chance to go on a date. Thanks Mom and Dad for babysitting. Carl and I went to Lotus. We were not hungry because we already had dinner but the menu looked so good we decided to try a few appetizers. It was all delicious and it was so nice to be with Carl without worrying about taking care of our sweet girl.

We left around 9 this morning and got home home about 4. That includes a long lunch at Cracker Barrel. Evie did fabulous the entire trip. She talked to herself, played with her new cd player, napped, ate Cheerios and enjoyed the scenery. We are so lucky that she is such a happy traveler. It could be really bad if she did not enjoy the ride. Evie was excited to be back at her house and ran around the yard a little. She even met a new dog that lives behind us named Bentley. Then, she went jogging with Carl at Crockett and I went to Kroger. Grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon is never fun but we needed the essentials.


  1. Glad you had a great weekend, but it always feels nice to settle in back home.

  2. Your daughter is adorable. what a face! I found you thru the Francis Family.


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