Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Totally out of my comfort zone!

School was canceled again today so we stuck around the house most of the day. I found out some more information about the schools and making up from the snow. Williamson County adds 30 minutes each day to create 10 extra days throughout the year. That sure beats Saturday school or adding days to the end. North Carolina kids are probably hoping the snow stops so they will still have a spring break. It's been snowing off and on for over 24 hours and there is barely an inch on the ground. Roads were okay by the afternoon so we headed out for our big adventure to the grocery store. Life sure has changed!

Guess who is the cutest 13 month old that I know? Evie is 13 months old today! Evie is getting sweeter if that is even possible. She gets so excited when you get her out of the crib and squeezes you really hard! We had a fun day playing boat with the laundry basket, reading books snuggled in bed and having a picnic of mandarin oranges on the kitchen floor. Everything is so new and exciting to Evie. I wish we could all keep that joyful innocence about the world as we grow older. Last night, I mentioned to Carl how Evie has never worried if she was going to be fed or warm. She does not realize all of the effort that goes into keeping her happy and healthy. That is the way childhood should be for all children but the reality is many children worry about their basic needs being met. I am starting to think about teaching a lot more but am still not ready to leave Evie. I love being home with her everyday and teaching her new things. She's doing new things everyday and I am so thankful to be here to see it. She has learned how to unzip her sleep sack and is so proud of herself. I got the funniest look from her this morning when she popped up from her nap. She is really into her babydoll and loves to put the hat on it. It's cute to watch her hold the baby but watch out if something else grabs her attention because the baby flies across the room. Now, don't get the wrong idea and think Evie is perfect all the time - she still does some crazy stuff. She dropped something down the toliet and I did not see it. Can you tell where this is going? It involves a plumber! Also, Evie loves to turn the dishwasher off and on - this can be very helpful when I need it turned on but I spend a lot of time turning it off. Our last dishwasher had a lock to keep sweet little fingers from turning it on. I might have to investigate this further since my dishwasher has been working overtime.

Carl had a dinner meeting tonight so Evie and I headed to Fat Tuesday at church. We do not know anyone there at all - not one person besides the priest. So this was totally out of my comfort zone but I was counting on Evie to attract people to us. It did not work. I saw a man with his two boys that I recognized so Evie and I joined their table for pancakes. He was nice but super busy trying to keep his kids occupied. Evie was learning all kinds of things from these boys. She LOVED having pancakes for the second time in one day and thought the Mardi Gras beads were simply fabulous. We came home with some fancy new jewels that had to be pried from her hand at bedtime. Anyway, I was shocked that we did not meet anyone. Church has always been a hard place for us to meet people because everyone already seems to know everyone. I picked up a newsletter and noticed that retaining members is something they are working on because they have lost multiple members who have said they do not feel a connection. These are their words not mine but I do feel that way too. Connection is what makes me make an effort to get somewhere - anywhere - small group, Gymboree , mommy groups etc. We will try a few more times and will go to the small group Lenten suppers to see if that helps. You cannot beat the location for this church - it is so close to our house - but there are more important things besides location except in real estate!


  1. I totally understand what you mean about being out of your comfort zone. We joined our church last fall, and I am still intimidated. We try to go to the Wednesday dinners and go pretty regularly on Sundays, but one of my goals this year is to find a way to be involved through some kind of small group. Good luck! I hope it works out for you.

    And I totally understand what you mean about leaving little Evie. She's an absolute doll face. :) It's so fun to see all the little things they pick up on throughout the day. You'll make the right decision for your family!

  2. Oh girl, I totally remember being right where you are! It was just two short years ago. We moved to town where we knew no one but the people whom Flint would be working with. Hang in there. You will find your place and you will find friends! We drive past about 75 churches to get to the one we love, so keep trying! Now we have some of the dearest friends!


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