Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lunch with Friends!

Evie took a morning nap today so maybe she is not quite ready to switch to one nap. Maybe she was extra tired today. After nap, we headed to Murfreesboro to see Maura and Abby. We had so much fun and it was so cute watching the girls play with each other. Maura made some delicious burritos. I had two! Since Carl is out of town, my cooking has been quite limited so I decided to eat up when given the opportunity. Abby and Evie are growing up and we are able to eat our lunch in realtive peace. I only got up four times. Abby showed Evie her belly button and Evie thought that was really cool as she reached out to touch it. They played with Abby's grocery cart and Evie was surprised to see that Abby has a pink purse too. Evie needs a new sippycup because more milk gets sprayed on the floor than in her mouth. I loved the Nuby because it worked when Evie would not take a bottle. What is your favorite sippycup for your baby?
Evie took a little snooze on the way home but woke right up when I was at Starbuck's. I LOVE drive-through Starbuck's. That is one of my favorite parts of living in Nashville especially when my coffee is free thanks to my brother. Ben gave me a giftcard for Christmas to Starbuck's. I LOVE giftcards because you think of that person each time you use the card. Thanks Ben for the tall cinnamon dolce latte with whole milk and whipped cream! Figured I'd go all the way since you were buying. Evie tried really hard to get a sip but I kept it all to myself. It's a good thing that my love for coffee shops developed post-college. I just did not get it when I was in college why all my friends were obsessed with Starbuck's. Now, I get it but am able to keep it as an occasional treat.

Evie took a short rest when we got home just long enough to tame the crankies. She was much happier after a few minutes alone. Maybe she gets that from me! Evie is still loving those acorn shower rings that came with our house. I might have to keep them around for her since she does not have many toys. She likes to transfer them from the Ziploc to the bathroom drawer. It's also fun for her to hide her own pacifier in the drawer and then find it as she slams each drawer really hard for good measure. We sat in the bathroom and played this game for at least thirty minutes. It continues to amaze me that the things that entertain her the most are things we already have. I never imagined that my bathroom would be home to a fleet of toys.

What's for dinner? Not much when Carl is out of town. Clearly, I am trying for Mother of the Year again since I fed my one year old Ramen noodles. Obviously, I was not thinking clearly since they have MSG in them. Ramen noodles were on a list of easy meals to feed your baby. They are crossed off my list of things to feed Evie! No MSG for my little girl - not at age 1 anyway. Evie was not thrilled by the noodles. Steamed veggies and fruit were her favorites tonight along with a few bites of my yogurt and granola. You'd think I would have learned to put whatever I would like for Evie to eat in my own bowl to trick - I mean encourage her into eating more healthy. Anything that I am eating is automatically more interesting to her than what is on her tray.

Evie has been walking again today. Not quite as much as yesterday but it is just the cutest thing ever. I told her to slow down a little so her Daddy can see her. She was walking before he left but now she is really walking! Her new trick is to walk over to me with a book in her hand. That is just the sweetest thing! I love to read her books. All this walking must make her tired because she is also letting me rock her some. Rocking is not generally one of her favorite activities.
Happy Birthday, Cousin Taylor! We cannot believe how quickly the first year went by and now we have toddlers.

Chad is planning to come install our new floors tomorrow! It will be so nice to have new clean floors in the kitchen. Maybe that will inspire me to whip up something delicious for dinner. I posted one last picture of our current floor for posterity-it has served this house well! It's been one tough floor to last through 25 years of family life. I guess Evie will need to find a new playground since the pile of floors will slowly diminish over the next few days.

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