Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nice to get out and about!

Evie is still feeling a little under the weather. Her nose is like a faucet! We stayed home with her this morning to give her a chance to rest. I decided to take a little nap while she napped. It was wonderful!

Evie woke up and had a few cookies for a snack - her Daddy said it was a special occasion since it was Super Bowl Sunday. I am going to have a pick up a few more boxes of trefoils because Evie thinks they are fabulous!

It's so cute to see Evie exploring the world on her own two feet. She is everywhere! I even found her nibbling on a piece of lint from the dryer. She loves checking out the contents of the closets and since the doors are still off - it's all fair game.

We were ready to get out of the house this afternoon. It was time for our weekly trip to Home Depot. Carl wanted to check out the spreaders and grass seed. I needed to find new light covers for our kitchen and Evie found a pool thermometer with a duck on it. Evie was startled by one of the workers and started crying. She lets you know how she really feels. Luckily, there was a doggie in the store named Stacey. Evie made friends with Stacey and charmed the owner with her barking sounds. I cannot believe that we have a daughter that barks so much. It's hysterical to hear her bark. Evie was in heaven when we were in the lighting section of Home Depot. There were lights everywhere for her to check out. She is still loving putting clothes on and will try anything including aprons, underwear and dresses. It's so funny to watch her because most things go over her head even if they should go on her legs. A drawer full of dishtowels, aprons and placemats provides her with endless opportunites for fun.

I cleaned out a closet this afternoon and am trying to organize the office. We want to make it into another guest room but there is so much stuff in there. I did find my address book in the disaster so that was exciting. Evie went to bed a bit early. I was feeding her before bed and she stuck her finger up my nose. It started gushing blood! I screamed for Carl and he brought me a tissue. Evie was very concerned and would not finish eating. Carl gave her a wipe and kept trying to wipe my nose for me. She is such a sweet girl already!

Carl is watching the Super Bowl. We like living in Central Time because it came on here at 5:30. Carl made chicken wings and ribs. I made some Buffalo Chicken dip. We were thinking about the past few Super Bowls. Some years we went to parties, some years we had a party but for the last two years we have just stayed home. One year, we went to a party where the host had Tivoed the game and he did not start it until it was almost half time. That was one long night for a girl who is not too impressed with football. Luckily, there was a sweet baby there and Mike made some yummy guacomole. Good times!


  1. Loved your comments. And yes, you are in my "hometown" and our family is close by in Nashville. We do miss home but are loving the 2 year adventure aboard (despite my fears that I would never learn to be adventurous). Proof to be careful what you pray for! I never dreamed in a million years I would love overseas. We hope to make a trip "home" during summer break. Until then ... PLEASE drink a fruit tea for me from the Puffy Muffin!
    Love & blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Hey Jennifer! We are definitely having our own case of sniffles around here- first AP and now me. UGH!

    My parents don't read my blog (because I tell them pretty much everything on it anyway), so honestly, I don't think anything would shock them. My mother- in-law reads it some. Like when she thinks about it, ha! I do think about who is reading it and I try not to say anything that I wouldn't want her to read. But, at the same time it's really important to me that my blog is a place I can be real and honest about things.

  3. Who does Evie's hair? It's adorable. :) I wish mine would look like that.

    I didn't know cookies weren't a good snack. I'm going to be in SO much trouble when Molly eats table food and wants to know what I'm snacking on. I wonder if she'd believe me if I told her green beans?!

  4. She is absolutely adorable!! I know you are having so much fun. Is she feeling a little better today?


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