Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

After a very stressful morning looking for the title and a trip to the bank to get a duplicate title request notarized, I found my title in my bag! It was a South Carolina title and I have not lived there in six years. North Carolina has no record of a title there so I went ahead to the Clerk's office and got my new plate. My North Carolina registration and my South Carolina title got me a tag so it's official that I am a Williamson County resident. Next on my list, is a Tennessee drivers license, that will have to wait a bit -this week has worn me out. On the positive side, I did find all kinds of things that I did not know were missing and a few things that I had lost track of around the house. Moving does a number on your junk. It ends up in the craziest places. I found my sunglass case in the lining of my suitcase! I have learned a good lesson to be more organized because you never know when you might need something.

We missed our playdate this morning but finished at the bank in time to go to Kindermusik. Evie had a ball seeing her friends and exploring everything. There were so many people there since the snow had kept the Monday and Tuesday classes from meeting. It was fun to see so many babies making music together. Although, Evie is losing her baby look. She is getting taller and has lost most of her rolls. What a big girl!

The plumber was waiting for us when we got back! I could not believe it because he was on time. That's a first, he was able to retrieve the shower curtain ring from the comode. I appreciate his help because he marked unknown object on his invoice since my warranty may not cover the ring. He said we are not 100% that the ring caused the problem. Works for me, I just wanted to be able to flush without overflowing.

It was a beautiful day with a high of 50 which felt like springtime. Evie and I played outside. It was so fun to see her walking around. She was really trying to get to her doggies next door and kept barking at them. They were happy to bark back at us and their invisible fence kept them away. Taking pictures outside with Evie looking at the dogs produces some pretty good results since she is so entertained.

We cleaned her room today. It was so cute because I was putting diapers from the big box into the stacker and then was over sorting her books for the hundredth time this week. Evie was in the closet getting diapers and she put them in her stacker all by herself. It makes me wonder what else she can do to help.

Evie was happy to see her Daddy but had to go to bed since she had a short nap this afternoon due to our little adventure. I am off to Super Doubles at Harris Teeter.


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