Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a day!

I have had one crazy day! Our plumber was supposed to come between 8 and 12. He did not make it but the heating guy did come. He said that our heat was working fine! Nope, it's not fine or I would not have wasted my time calling him- he checked again and found that the duct work needs to be redone. Unfortunately, he does not work on ductwork so he calls the warranty company and they will send someone else back out tomorrow. By this time, it's noon and the plumber is still not here. They "lost" our order number so they will have to come tomorrow too. Thank goodness for a warranty because everything seems to go wrong at once when you move into a new house.

Shh - don't tell but I still do not have a Tennessee license or tag. My title is lost somewhere in a heap of paperwork in the house. Evie and I have turned every file upside down looking for it. Duplicate titles take thirty days to arrive so TN will just have to wait a few more weeks. Evie decided to use this opportunity to unravel the toilet paper in the bathroom. She was having blast and was so sad to be removed from the situation.

I forgot to feed Evie her lunch but she gently reminded me that she was hungry. While, I was feeding her, I was reheating the soup for lunch - our front burner gets a little excited and cooks things way too fast! Maybe this is covered under the warranty too?

It's Wash Day Wednesday which means time to change the sheets! I spent 20 minutes looking for the fitted sheet. Finally, I decided just to take the old sheets off and wash them. Imagine finding the missing fitted sheet under the sheet that is already on the bed! I am losing my mind.

Maura and Abby came for lunch. It was so good to seem them. Evie had a great time playing with Abby. It is so fun to see them play now that Evie is walking. Evie must know they knew each other while in utero because she has a special bond with Abby. It's still amazing to me that both of our familes moved from Huntersville to Nashville within two months of each other.

Evie did not nap this afternoon. She is so gifted that she is able to tell time really well. Meaning that Evie refuses naps after 2:00, this was even an issue when she was a little baby. I decided to go on a little ride to give Evie a chance to catch a few winks so she could make it through dinner. Brentwood has the most ridiculous signs that are blue and have snow covered trees on them along with the word - WINTER! As if anyone needs a reminder that we are currently in the season of winter. Perhaps, not a single day above 40 is not a big enough clue for some people or maybe they have not noticed the 8 snowfalls this year. They feel the need to plaster signs throughout the town to alert all the citizens that it is indeed winter. Thanks so much for the reminder Brentwood, I had not figured that one out!

Have you seen this blog? It's so heart warming and has fabulous photos. I was feeling really bad about my photography skills until I noticed that she is a real live photographer with clients and a studio. That explains a lot! The best part of the day was that I had cooked dinner last night and we did not eat it so I did not have to worry with that tonight! Another, happy event was that Carl ordered Evie a dresser two months ago. It's still not here and I have emailed and called multiple times regarding this order. I sent a lovely e-mail this morning reminding them that the order was shipped on December 17 and that even the USPS could get it here faster than their transit truck! Shortly, after this email, I got a phone call from a real live person letting me know that Evie's dresser will be here on Friday between the hours of 3 and 7. I'll believe it when I see it!


  1. Finding the extra sheet under the one that was already on the bed definitely sounds like something that would happen at our house! :) I put the diaper bag in the back of the car the other day with my Target bags and then started flipping out, thinking I had left it in the store. And that's just one example out of hundreds in the past six months!

    Good luck with the plumber and the dresser delivery!

  2. Jen, Evie is seriously too cute! I'm getting so excited about my baby girl after seeing all Evie's pics and what she's up to!


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