Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Today was our big day flying to see Nana, Ipop and Uncle Ben! I had to wake Evie up at 10:45 to get to the airport. We made it through security. Although, they ran Evie's milk through a scanner even though it was an unopened bottle. Evie thought all of this was so much fun. We had lunch at Wendy's without a highchair. That was a bit of an experience. Note to self, ordering a salad while holding a 13 month old is not the best choice. Evie had nuggets and mandarin oranges of course. They even gave her a coke! Don't worry she did not have any - milk is always best for Evie!

We went to the playarea after lunch for Evie to wear off some energy. She saw a service dog and started following it. I had to scoop her up since we were getting too far from our stroller and diaper bag. We did a quick bathroom trip and it was time to board. The plane had multiple empty seats so we were not squished in like sardines. We had an empty seat between us and the lady in our row who just happened to be a Grammy. She told Evie that she was a doll and I said let's hope she acts like a doll. Grammy said not to worry which made me feel so much better! Evie did fabulous. Not one scream, tear or problem the whole trip. She must like traveling because she seemed quite entertained with her goldfish, new book and of course her Raffi. We were in bulkhead so that gave us a little extra room which is always nice. Our flight from take-off to landing was only 50 minutes long so much easier than driving from Nashville. Evie got all kinds of compliments once we landed about her excellent traveling skills. I was relieved because it can be tricky traveling without Carl.

Uncle Ben picked us up at the airport. Evie was happy to see him! Of course, Evie seemed the happiest to see the dogs, Murphy and Gracie. She loved seeing her Ipop and Nana too. We played in the yard and climbed stairs. Evie was all over the place but there is a gate now to help contain her downstairs. Nana made breakfast for dinner. Evie loves pancakes, sausage and fruit. YUMMY! After dinner, Evie was the main attraction. She was exhausted from her day of traveling with only one nap so it was right to sleep for her. Traveling is hard work! Check out this sweet picture of Evie from last year this time. A year sure can change things.

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  1. So glad you had a great trip. Although, I am curious...how exactly did you manage to get on a flight that had empty seats?! I didn't realized those still existed.

    Have a fun visit with your family!


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