Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hired Help!

Evie and I had a pretty low-key morning around the house. She helped me with laundry and organizing a few things. I am amazed at how helpful she is now. Laundry is her favorite chore but it takes her longer than most because she tries on each piece before sorting it. It's hysterical to see her with so many articles of clothing around her neck. I try not to laugh because she is so serious! I am noticing her copying me more and more too. She took the cap and tried to put it back on the milk. It's amazing all the things that she is putting together now. We were supposed to go to a Valentine Day party this morning but we just did not make it. Sometimes it's more fun to stay home!

Evie was not interested in napping this afternoon so we headed out to The Factory and to a playdate. Evie was so happy to see her friends Logan and Cassidy. I was so happy to see Amanda and Carol. Mommy friends are so important especially if you are staying home - it keeps you sane. Playing is hard work. Evie was so exhausted that she stayed asleep when I pulled in the garage. Usually, her little eyes pop right open to see what's happening next! I was able to quickly snap a picture of our Sleeping Beauty!

Have you heard the St. Jude's telethon on the radio this week? I missed it last year - guess I was a little busy being a new mom! I have a whole new perspective on it now that I am a mom. We are so lucky to have a healthy, happy little girl! My heart breaks for those families - families just like mine except that their children suffer from terrible diseases. Each day with Evie is special even the hard days. I cannot imagine seeing Evie go through tests and treatments - my prayer is that I never have to experience that type of pain.

Our little Evie has turned into a cookie monster! She is still loving Girl Scout cookie time and recognizes that special box in the pantry. It's so cute to see her point for it. One cookie never hurt anyone! We had a fun evening playing with magnetic letters and reading books. Evie loves her giraffe now and pushes it all over the kitchen. Her legs are not quite long enough for her to propel herself but she loves to take a little spin around with a little help from me.

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  1. Mommy friends ARE so important. :)

    Love the word endings on the fridge. ;)


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