Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have I mentioned that it's cold?

Enough of this cold! Our high was 35. It does not seem to bother Evie but then again she is all bundled up. Not to mention she is carried to and from places.
It was a pretty ordinary day. We went to Harris Teeter twice! I just cannot get it together anymore to get it all done at once even with a list. Oh well, it's somewhere to go and it's warm in there. Plus they have free cookies and bread which makes Evie happy.

We had Kindermusik this morning. It was good to see all of our friends. We had lots of fun playing. Evie is really into animal sounds these days. She can bark but that is the extent of her animal sounds so far. Evie thinks it's really great when I make the animal sounds. Her favorite is the bear.

Evie was so cranky when she woke up from her nap. She was not feeling well. Luckily, she perked up after a snack and a little juice - a rare treat at our house. She neeed some juice to help her out in the bathroom department. Poor thing but she is all better now. I am not against juice at all but I figure there is plenty of time for juice in her future. She does not express her opinion about the lack of juice in her diet so we will stick with milk. It's better for her growing body anyway. We made a new recipe for chicken broccoli casserole for dinner. I say we because Evie hangs out in the kitchen playing with all of the pots and pans. The casserole was good but any casserole with crushed Ritz tastes pretty good to me. Evie approved too.

Carl made it home in time for dinner. He had to make a trip to Memphis. Evie was so happy to see him. Carl was able to go to the Peabody - the hotel famous for the duck parades. We would like to take Evie there soon. Maybe she will learn to quack at the Peabody.

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  1. Oh, I've always wanted to go to the Peabody. I _love_ Patricia Polacco's book, John Philip Duck, which is about that hotel. :)

    Stay warm! We're expecting another dusting of snow today. I'd much rather have the snow than the freezing rain we usually get!


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