Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Evie and Carl gave me a break this morning and let me sleep in an extra hour. It was so nice! Then, I went to check out the Encores and More consignment sale. There were about 200 people in line in front of me waiting for the doors to open at 9:00. Once, we were in, it seemed so empty because it was so huge. I found a few cute things but once I checked them out more closely the items were stained. It got really crowded really fast so I went to check out a few things that we have been looking for. I found a portable highchair and a wooden bead set. It's not worth the chaos to me but some people are really good at finding good deals. I signed up to help at an area consignment sale in March which means that I might have a better shot at getting some good stuff. My taste in clothes has changed a lot now that I have a baby. Smocked clothes are always precious but are not comfortable for everyday wear. My favorite brands are Zutano and Gymboree. Evie wears a lot of patterned pants and then I get her two tops to match each pair of pants which provides more outfits and shirts get dirty faster than pants. Sometimes we just do a quick shirt change instead of the whole outfit. I also love one piece outfits -they are so sweet. Gap is having a great sale so Evie has a few new pieces on the way as we welcome spring. Evie was still sleeping when I got home. We went outside to play after her nap. Carl was washing his truck and Evie was having so much walking around. She found a little hill that was wet and got really dirty. I noticed that she fell as few times but it did not seem to bother her at all. She walked down the driveway to get the mail with me. Evie barked at the dogs and went over to pet them. I picked her up for this part and they jumped all over us. Evie thought this was really great. We went on a walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Evie was worn out from her outdoor adventures and passed out.

The new highchair is a big hit! Evie thinks it is really fun to get in and out of it when it's on the floor. She climbed right into as if she was announcing snack time to everyone. I think we will really enjoy having an extra highchair when friends come to visit or if I need to entertain her outside. It's super light and easy to move unlike the wooden highchair that we use for meals at home. My advice is to never buy a wooden highchair. It's really hard to keep it clean. They look pretty but it's so much easier to throw a plastic highchair in the shower or squirt it with the garden hose.

We went to Murfreesboro to see the Onello's. Evie was so happy to see Abby. They made a HUGE mess and had fun checking everything out. I took the new highchair and the girls enjoyed looking at each other during dinner. Evie shared her hotdog with Abby. Evie's favorite part was the chocolate cake. We had delicious BBQ so Carl was in heaven! Abby likes being the big girl and helped me change Evie's diaper. She patted her face and they held hands. So sweet! Thanks Maura and Tim for having us over. We had a great time!

Evie slept all the way home. We let her play for a little bit when we got home and now is she is sound asleep. It was a busy day!

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