Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful day!

Evie and I had a fun day enjoying the beautiful, warm weather. It makes such a difference. We headed to Jacobs's house for lunch. His Mommy, Kristin, made the most delicious chicken pot pie that I have ever had. I have been thinking about it all afternoon and will need to try it at our house soon. Jacob and Evie had fun playing together. It sure is cute to see Evie developing friendships. Kristin and I had a great time chatting too. She always keep me updated about mommy things in the area.

Evie fell asleep for about 5 minutes on the way home so she thought naptime was over. She did rest in her crib for awhile but no nap this afternoon. Maybe she was excited that her dresser was on it's way. It only took two months for it to get here. I wonder how long it will sit in our foyer before we put it together and carry the hefty thing upstairs. Of course, they declined my suggestion to carry it up for us. It's not their policy and they must leave it at the first dry entrance of the house.

We took a little walk. Evie has been chatting all afternoon - Mama and bye bye are still her favorites. She was so cute transferring the magnetic letters from the fridge to a koozie and back again. Also, she helped with some filing in the office. She would carry one piece of paper - open the drawer, close the drawer and start all over. We need to remember that she is watching every move that we make these days.

My tired little baby needed a little ride so we drove to The Factory. I finally used my gift certificate - thanks Mom! Of course, I used it on something for Evie. I am not sure that was the idea but you know how that goes if you are a mom. Zutano was 30% off so I got her a little dress to help her transition to spring. I also chose a white bubble suit. It will be perfect for summer gatherings. Tomorrow is the big consignment sale in the area so I am hoping to score some good deals.

Carl has been super busy at work this week so he got home late but just in time to play with Evie for a few minutes before bed. I just ordered a pizza and we are going to watch a movie. Hope your weekend gets off to a great start!

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  1. I love that name Evie - Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


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