Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow and Sniffles!

It has been snowing off and on all day! Thank goodness that it has not stuck - not sure that I could handle another weekend stuck inside. Evie woke up with the sniffles. This usually happens after a baby puts his fingers in her mouth. YUCK! I try to keep this from happening but Evie is faster than me.

I went to run a few errands this afternoon while Evie slept. The mall was so crowed so I had a change in plans but it was still nice to have a little break from being a mom. Although, even when I am not with Evie , her stuff is constantly popping up everywhere. I found a pacifier in my pocket, a bag of goldfish in my bag and a sippycup in the car. I ran into one of our neighbors who is also in my MOMS club at Publix. She was so excited to be shopping without her four kids so we had a nice, long chat. There was a wonderful surprise when I got home, our Girl Scout cookies had arrived. YUMMY! Evie tried a shortbread cookie and she thought it was quite delicious.

We gave Evie the day off from having her picture made but that does not mean that she did not do anything cute all day. She is walking a lot and the sweetest thing is sometimes she will hold my hand. I have held a lot of little girls hands but nothing is as wonderful as holding Evie's little hand while she walks. She helped me prepare dinner tonight and kept stuffing her little elephant into a pot. She would trap him in there with the lid. Apparently, this was quite entertaining because it lasted for awhile. Long enough for me to try a new recipe for garlic mashed potatoes. I'd post the recipe but it is not worth repeating at your house. Trust me there is no place for sugar in garlic mashed potatoes!

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