Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soggy Day = Dirty Floors

Evie has become accustomed to the noise. Thank goodness! She still jumps every once in awhile and her nap did not last long; but she is not freaking out anymore. I am starting to wonder a little about my floor guy. They are going VERY slowly and I mean slowly. They may be here for longer than they thought unless something changes! Evie has decided that eating in the foyer is not that bad especially with all the lights on. In case you have missed it, Evie LOVES lights of any type. She turns lights off and on and will stare at lights while pointing for long stretches of time.

We headed to Harris Teeter to get a few provisions. Our cashier thought Evie was a doll as in a real baby doll and then she thought Evie was sleeping. Not sure she had all of her marbles if you know what I mean. Evie was quite relaxed and was leaning over a little checking out the lights so maybe I can see how you'd think she was asleep from behind.

Kindermusik was so much fun today! I just love going and am getting to know the other moms better. Evie enjoys seeing her friends and really soaks it all in. We made a new friend today named Tinsley. She lives pretty near by to us so maybe we will have a playdate soon. Tinsley and her mother had matching Gucci bags. Tinsley is 1 and she has her own Gucci purse. I am not kidding! Evie was very interested in the Gucci bag especially when she found toys inside. I can assure that Evie will most definitely not be getting a Gucci bag since I do not even have one.

The floor guys were leaving and one of them had locked the keys in the car. It was pouring rain outside so that was not fun. Hence my dirty floors!I had to wake Evie up from her nap to go my doctors appointment so hopefully they got it taken care of. She was in a great mood and enjoying her goldfish. Evie loves Dr. Ward but she was not into the nurse. The nurse took Evie's Raffi and got right in her face so then of course the screaming began! Oh well, maybe next time she will not take Evie's stuff.

Evie was so happy to see her Daddy when we got home. She showed him her new walking skills. Don't worry, we caught it on video and will post soon. I am about to head out for Mom's Night Out! It will be a nice break after 4 days straight with Evie. Although, Evie was fabulous while her Daddy was gone and we had so much fun! It's good to have him home.


  1. wow! a gucci purse? i'm jealous! we did kindermusik this summer and krew loved it too:)

  2. Ha! I can just see a grown woman taking a baby doll to the grocery store. People do it, though. I saw it on 20/20 once...

    Our floors look like that constantly. We have an 80 lb. dog. I LOVE her, but didn't realize how dirty she was until I had a baby that I spend a lot of time with on the floor. Let's just say that my mop and I know each other very well!


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