Sunday, February 21, 2010


We were expecting, hoping that Evie would sleep late this morning since she went to bed so late last night. It did not happen! She was still up at 7:15 ready to seize the day! Everything is so new and exciting to her right now. I'd love to get a glimpse inside her head to see how she is putting everything together. She's soaking it all in each day.

It was Carl's turn to sleep late this morning so we played downstairs. Evie is really enjoying the magnetic letters these days. She figured out that they even stick to the side of the washing machine.

Amazingly, the dresser made it up the stairs. It was quite the ordeal because it was so heavy. Carl pushed it up the stairs and I lifted it up each step. We were so surprised to see that it came assembled. Evie finally has a place to store all of her stuff. She enjoyed watching us organize her room. Her crib kept her confined and some books kept her entertained.

Carl took Evie for a jog while I prepared lunch. We had turkey, green beans and macaroni and cheese. It was such a nice day that we contemplated eating outside but decided it was maybe a touch too chilly.

Carl needed some new pants for work so we decided to go to Opry Mills. He found some pants and we got Evie some spring clothes. It's so funny to me how the temperature hits 60 and the malls are swamped with people anxious for a change in weather. I LOVE having a little girl because there are so many fun things for them to wear. We got a few dresses with leggings and some shorts along with a few t-shirts. I'm one of those people anxious for a change in weather but I have not pulled out my shorts or tanktops quite yet. It's back to the cold tomorrow but we have really enjoyed a respite from the cold. Evie had fun at the mall. We bought her some new shoes and she was so proud! She pranced around admiring her feet. Evie had her first Cinnabon cinnamon roll. All three of us shared one and it was such a sweet moment. Evie sat on my lap and inhaled the gooey delight. I think it's fair to say that she was impressed and wondered why we have been holding out on her.

We got home in time for dinner and bathtime. Of course, there is always time for a few more books. Evie makes our weekends so special. Hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather, spend time with those you love and recharge your batteries for the week ahead.


  1. Precious photos!
    I just love reading about your adventures in my old stomping ground!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Jennifer, new shoes and a cinnamon roll. Can't beat this!! Evie is precious.


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