Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Man Winter is back!

What a cold, yucky day it has been! I enjoyed the tease over the weekend but am ready for the real deal. Spring cannot get here soon enough.

Evie and I hosted a playdate for our Williamson County Housewife group. It was fun and Evie loved having the littles at her house. She cried when everyone left. Poor thing loves to socialize.

She was so funny during lunch. I made her a hotdog, strawberries and some leftover homemade mac and cheese. It seemed a little hot so I was trying to cool it off by blowing on it. Guess, who started blowing on her food once it was on her tray. Every bite had to be blown before she would put it in her mouth. Lunch was a process but so cute! Monkey see, monkey do.

After nap, we headed to get Carl's truck smogged. It was a sight to see little me lugging Evie in and out of a big old diesel truck. I am sure the attendant at the emissions site was concerned about me in that big truck. Believe me, everyone on the roads should be concerned if they see me coming in his truck. It's so big.

Evie and I are flying to North Carolina tomorrow so wish me luck. I have cookies, goldfish, new books and a ball. Hopefully, that will keep her attention for the 1.5 hour flight.


  1. Aubrey has to blow on all of her food now too. It makes me laugh every time it's so cute! I hope your flight goes well!

  2. I live in Canton so right near Waynesville... where are you flying to in NC? I am jealous of your playdate!

  3. Have a fun and safe trip! Good luck with the flight. :)


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