Monday, February 1, 2010

Tip Toe, Tip Toe!

Evie and I stayed home all day again. Yes, we have been home for 4 days straight. I think that is a new record for us. Thank goodness, we have plans to get out of the house tomorrow. Evie does not mind staying home but it drives me nuts.

Evie never gets bored of pretending to be a puppy, ringing the doorbell in her play house, turning lights on with the switch, and her favorite helping with the dishwasher. She is like a real puppy who comes crawling as soon as she hears the creak of the dishwasher door opening. It is fascinating to her. We played with a bowl of water and a spoon today for about 20 minutes. She found an empty Robeez shoe bag and carried it around for awhile carefully chosing treasures to take in and out of the bag. She even found her name made of blocks! Daddy must have left that for her as a surprise.

If you had asked me this morning about Evie's walking, I would have told she is taking steps several times a day but is not that interested in walking. Well, she must have dreamed about walking because when she woke up she has walked more than I have ever seen her. It's still faster for her to crawl but those little legs are propelling her around the room. She really likes to hold my hand and walk but she is way more steady without my hand. On her own, she will take about 10-15 steps before she tuckers out but she will walk from room to room with me holding her hand. I have done NOTHING to encourage this until today because she will walk when she is ready. Evie is ready to go explore the world.


  1. I love being at home... usually... but being stuck at home gets old fast. I know what you mean about the whole walking thing - Krew totally can walk, but he's much rather crawl. Are people always asking you if she is yet? Its driving me a little crazy:)

  2. I don't remember if I told you already but the new layout looks great! Very colorful!

  3. We were at home two days straight and it was killing me, especially since we had big night-out plans for Saturday night! Looks like you guys were productive around the house (hanging pictures!) and had a lot of fun, too.


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