Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow is falling all around!

Brr . . . it is so cold! I had to go to the post office this morning and since it was so cold - Evie went in her pj's and sleepsack. We met a lady that had locked herself out of the car and needed a penny. Not sure what the penny had to do with it but I gave her one. She said it helped her get the spare key. Evie and I were glad to help! I mailed our taxes today to NC since I have no idea who to use here. Plus they know us there and will do a good job! I met another lady at the post office that was mailing her taxes to Colorado. That made me feel like I was not the only crazy one.

Our floors are still not done! I know these guys have been here awhile when Evie feels totally comfortable with them. They ran out of wood today and were unable to finish. It's a disaster zone! They will be here at least two more days. I am thinking they really under estimated this job. We were supposed to have a playdate in the morning but I had to cancel due to the mess. Evie will be so disappointed when she does not see anyone her size.

Evie had a super short afternoon nap since it was not optimal napping conditions. We played blocks, read books and sorted bows. Evie is standing up on the mantle, the ledge in the bathroom and the toy basket - then she jumps off. It makes me very nervous but she thinks it is so much fun.

It's snowing but the novelty has worn off since this is the fifteenth time this season. It's pouring right now and reminds Carl of a winter wonderland.

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  1. No better place than NC for anything... even though my Heels are tragic this season!


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