Friday, February 26, 2010

Evie and Daddy together again!

We had a low-key day at the house. Evie and I went to Harris Teeter to get her some more milk since she drank the gallon Nana got for her. It was so fun taking Evie grocery shopping where I went shopping when I was little. My parents live in a pretty small town so I am sure that I ran into a few people that I know.

My dad and I took Evie to Shelby to get some barbecue for Carl from Bridges. If you are ever in Shelby make a bee-line for Red Bridges for the best barbecue you have ever had in your life. YUMMY! Evie liked seeing all of the little pigs figurines in the case. I had to distract her to prevent her from landing in the case with the pigs. She slept all the way back to Gastonia but that nap wore off quickly. I took her on a little jaunt around town to help her catch a few winks.

Carl arrived about 6:30 and Evie was thrilled to see her Daddy. She squealed and smiled. He went to the bathroom and she went crazy. Maybe she thought he was gone for a few more days.

We ate dinner - Red beans and rice - I thought of you SD. Evie entertained us all after dinner and now is sound asleep. She kept using a tiny footstool to hoist herself into a baby rocking chair. That will tire a girl out. Let's hope she sleeps late in the morning. She's on Central Time and I am on Eastern Time so it has been a little tricky.


  1. I love how you gave a shout out to SD! Ha!

  2. Haha, nothing beats Red Beans and Rice on a Friday! Ash, Carrie and I were sopposed to have girls night out tonight, but Ashley got sick so it was a typical "Beans and Rice" Friday.

    P.S. I realized I never answered your question about being Episcopalian. We're actually Methodist- but I guess a lot of denominations do Cursillo!


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