Friday, February 12, 2010

Miles Apart!

Today was a very disappointing day! We had planned to drive to North Carolina for a visit with my parents, Evie's one year pictures and go to a baptism for our special friends the Hortons. Mother Nature had a different plan because she put snow in our path going and coming! I was so teary because I had looked forward to this weekend for so long. These are the days when I wish we were not so far from our family. Four or five hours would be much more manageable for me to drive with Evie without Carl. Our photographer, Lindsey Turner, was super sweet about it and told me she'd fit us in on the 27th. I am doing a little better now that we have a new date to go but this is exactly why it's not always fun to live so far away from your family.

I was really looking forward to James' baptism and seeing Lindsay and Susan. Not to mention the delicious cake that Lindsay had made for James' special day. It's much harder to see your friends when you are a mommy. Carl still has not met James and at the rate we are going they might meet at Evie and James' wedding. Just kidding, I am feeling a bit dramatic in case you have not noticed. Carl was trying to make me feel better and said we could make chili tonight. That's the last meal I would make - all of this cold weather has made me tired of all of my cold weather foods. I know we made the best decision for our safety especially since it's snowing in Charleston but it's still not what I wanted.
Evie has been a doll today. We spent a lot of time on the floor. She thinks it is really fun to crawl over me - over and over again. It wears her out too so she had two super long naps today. I found a new website that gives you ideas of things to do with your baby. It seems like I am not the only one with the winter blahs. There are a lot of great ideas out there but if you have a little one at home check out this website.

Evie has been eating with a spoon for several weeks. She prefers to pick up her bowls and containers and drink the contents as if it were a glass. Evie took it a step further at lunch today by pouring it on her head. What a mess! My camera battery was charging but it sure would have been a cute picture. I am sure that I will have plenty more chances to catch her pouring food on her head.

We ran a few errands this afternoon. It was pretty cold so I dressed Evie in her little bear hat. Carl and I were obsessed with bear stuff last winter for our little baby bear and this hat still fits Evie. Well, if you are trying to get in and out of Kroger quickly, do not dress your adorable baby in a cute bear hat unless you want to spend an excessive amount of time in the store. I lost count of how many people stopped us to talk with Evie about how cute she was in her hat. I agree, she's pretty cute. Evie is still not so sure about random people talking to her. Sometimes, she engages in "conversation" with them. Other times, she shrinks into the corner of the cart. One lady told me that Evie was embarrassed. HA! I did not want to tell her that Evie just does not appreciate people in her face. I wondered what these people thought of me because I had no makeup on and a pullover on - my usual attire for the winter months. I was laughing at how scatterbrained, I have become as I could not find all of my coupons at checkout. Evie had been plucking them one by one from my hand so we lost some along the way. Kroger is not our favorite shopping destination since they do not offer cookies or bread samples. Evie perked up on our trip to the Puffy Muffin. Since, we are going to be here for Heart Day, we needed a few sweets. I bought some mint brownies, lemon squares, sugar cookies and a mini eclair. That should make the weekend a little sweeter!

Evie and I picked up some dinner at Pei Wei. Carl was at home when we got back. Evie was happy to see her Daddy but even more excited about her mandarin oranges. I an slightly concerned that she may turn into an orange because she averages a can every two days. Too bad she does not feel the same way about green beans or carrots. Guess, she takes after me!


  1. So sorry you couldn't make your trip back to NC. I know how hard it is to miss out on important events and to be far away from your family. She DOES look so cute in her hat. :)

    It's ok to be a little dramatic. I acted like a 15 year old the last time it snowed here. We had major night out plans and the babysitter cancelled. I thought my husband was going to put me out on the porch for the night! Enjoy your Valentine's weekend at home with your baby and your hubby. At least you have a trip home later in the month to look forward to.

  2. Aw, that's so disappointing that you had to cancel your trip! I'm sorry :( I hope you end up having a good weekend at home though!

  3. Being far away from family is SO hard. I'm debating whether I should drive the 500 miles "home" to see my family or just fly again.

    Evie is seriously SO cute in that hat. The best way to get out of the grocery store is most definitely to have a dirty, crumb faced baby in your cart. People rarely ooh & aah over my Babycakes when she's filthy. ;)


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